Building Software from Source Code

For the Building Software from Source Code lab I chose the text editor Nano because it is a useful program that I’ll actually use. Below is a screen shot of the tarball that was downloaded.

After the Tarball was installed, I decompressed it using the command tar xvzf nano-2.2.6.tar.gz below is the output of that command:

After the decompression, I ran the ./configure script inside of the extracted directory to configure Nano with all of my current settings.  Below is the output when running the script:

Once the package had been configured, I ran the make command to install Nano on my system.

To ensure that Nano was installed, I ran the program and entered some sample text.

This is a basic example of installing software from the source code. This process was pretty simple and it only took about 5 minutes to complete. Below is link to the Nano website:


SBR – Introduction

Hey Everyone,
My name is Jordan Huestis and I’m in my final semester at Seneca. I’m looking forward toward SBR and the opportunity that it allows us to create and develop products that are actually being used in the real world today. I’m also looking forward to collaborating with everyone that works on the Fedora project on a day to day basis!
Below is my contact information:
IRC Nickname: jbhuestis
Seneca Wiki: Jordan Huestis
Seneca Wiki: My Seneca Wiki
Fedora Wiki: My Fedora Wiki