0.1 Overview

For my project I chose to work on optimizing and tweaking the boot process of the Raspberry Pi. For those of you not familiar with the Raspberry Pi, let me explain. The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a charity in the UK that’s promoting computer science and other related fields. They’re currently developing and manufacturing a ridiculously low cost computer that’s designed to teach computer programming to children;  however, this is not the only use for this device.  The Raspberry Pi can be used for many things such as programming, web development, robotics, administration and of course, personal use such as browsing the internet and emailing.  The best feature of this  device is that it sells for $25. This will allow for anyone to purchase the device once available. The cost also reduces the chances of it  stolen.   Below is a picture of the Raspberry Pi:

As you can see there isn’t much on this little  device. It’s equipped with HDMI  and Composite video output, 2 USB ports, general purpose I/0, 10/100 ethernet and it boots off an SD card which is located on the bottom.

The current boot process of the device that Seneca has is roughly 25 – 30 seconds.  My goal, for the end of the semester, is to have device booting in approximately 15 seconds.

For more information on other projects you can click the following link:Potential Projects

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